Ear Lobe Repair


Earlobe repair or rejuvenation can be a simple but very rewarding procedure. Some of the conditions we treat at our clinic are partially or totally torn earlobes, keloid scars of earlobes, elongated earlobes, or earlobes with a fold or crease in them.

Torn earlobes usually occur due to wearing heavy earrings, earrings getting snagged by clothing or having a child pull on an earring. An earlobe could be torn partially or totally, and the surgical treatment is adjusted to the nature of the problem. This technique can also apply to people with keloid scars of their earlobes after having an ear piercing.

For the patient who is bothered by a protruding or elongated earlobe, which usually comes with age, a wedge of skin may be resected, thus shortening the earlobe. If a crease appears in the middle of the earlobe and creates a fold, then injecting the ear with Restylane or Radiesse can solve the problem for months to years, but not permanently.

Preparation For Surgery

We believe a well-prepared patient leads to a successful surgery and recovery. Whether you are flying in internationally or a local, our staff strives to give you a great experience. During your initial call to our office, one of our patient care coordinators will discuss the different options available to improve the areas of your concern. A consultation is scheduled with the doctor who best fits your personal situation. The doctor will review your medical history, spend the appropriate time to review all surgical and non-surgical options, and discuss whether surgery can be performed in-office under local sedation or at the hospital under general anesthesia. In sharing our before and after photos, you get a better sense in the quality of surgery our doctors offer and what outcome you can expect to achieve. We will review pre- and post-operative care so you can be prepared for what your role is in surgery. You will be asked to stop smoking two weeks prior to and post-surgery. We will see you for a pre-op appointment two weeks prior to surgery to discuss any questions you may have and review surgery details, ensuring everyone is on the same page. You will then receive a courtesy call the evening before surgery to review instructions and any questions you may have.


Our Clinic will provide a comprehensive post-operative plan to ensure the best possible outcome. The plan will include what to expect postoperatively, such as estimated recovery time, pain management, garments or dressings, and anticipated activity level. You are asked to refrain from smoking for a minimum of two weeks. To optimize healing, we recommend that you eat a high protein diet. You should anticipate a variable degree of bruising and swelling, as with any surgical procedure; light make-up may be used to cover bruises starting a week after surgery. We also offer scar creams at an additional cost to optimize results.

To promote healing and minimize complications, you will be seen in a series of post-op appointments, including the day after surgery. These appointments will continue throughout the first year after the procedure to make sure you are healing as planned. For your added convenience, you also have direct access to Dr. Jatin ‘s cell phone numbers if you need to reach your physician after hours. You are always welcome to come back and see us, even years after your surgery.

Maximizing Positive Outcomes

At the Astral Skin World, we take pride in providing our patients with the best surgical experience possible, emphasizing patient safety while trying to optimize surgical results. This is a process that includes comprehensive pre-operative preparation and patient education, the development of a personalized operative plan, and a thoughtful post operative care regimen emphasizing patient comfort and promoting recovery.

There are a number of strategies which our clinic has adapted to further ensure patient safety. We are selective and only offer surgery to patients whose general health and lifestyle choices permit healing and facilitate recovery. To minimize risk, we require a preoperative assessment that includes a thoughtful history and physical exam, as well as targeted laboratory tests.

We emphasize patient safety in our peri-operative care plan, advocating early mobilization, optimizing nutrition, and providing detailed care instructions. After surgery, patients are seen in our office frequently and early, starting the day after their procedure, and a staff member is available around the clock for any questions or concerns. Our entire team is committed to our patients’ well being and every measure is designed to minimize potential complications, promote comfortable and rapid recovery, and optimize surgical results.

Why Choose Astral Skin World?

Our commitment to excellence and exceptional patient care is in every step of your doctor-patient experience. Dr Jatin Sharma distinguished board certified plastic surgeons, with over 15 years of combined experience, who exclusively perform cosmetic surgery. We provide a high level of patient safety and our experienced and caring staff will be with you every step of the way. We offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical options, from skin care, injectables and lasers to in-office , to provide a versatile approach to fit individual patient needs. Your aesthetic goals are our priority and each procedure is customized to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

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